Using Expeka

Expeka offers you a service. With the help of our revolutionary method, we guide your team through the experimentation process.

The Steps of the Expeka are as follow :

1. Definition of the Experiment.


   This step includes:

       Selection of the Input Variables and their Limits (Range).

       Selection of the Output Variables and their Specifications.


2. Interactive Experimentation.

   This step includes:

      The Beginning of the Experiment.

      Iterative Experimentation. (Buiding the Feasible Domain)

           The Algorithms determine areas of interest where most information can be gained.

           New Information from each new tests is computed to select further tests.

      [Optional] Modifications to the Experimentation.

      End of the Experimentation.

The Experimentation is over when enough data has been gathered and the limits of the feasible domain are well-defined.

3. Next Steps

When the Experimentation is over, the data gathered can be used to create predictive models used to control or optimize the process.