Experimentation Tailored to Your Needs.

Our Innovative Approach Puts Your Process at the Center of the Experimentation.

01. Make your Money Go Further.

The Expeka Method increases the ROE (Return on Experimentation).

It is designed to Reduce the Number of fresh tests required by harnessing the data you already have in the form of Historical Data and Expert Knowledge.


Don't have historical data? No problem. Expeka is also suited for Projects Without prior Data.

02. Study More Variables.


The Expeka Method considers and Includes all of the key variables in a study without exponentially increasing the number of tests required.

This is achieved by maximizing the new knowledge acquired by each new tests performed using a combination of proprietary algorithms and a new process visualization method called the Feasible Domain.

More information on the Feasible Domain can be found on the How it Works? page.

Expeka is a Guided Experimentation Service.

We help you and your team navigate through the increasingly complex world of experimentation in a Manufacturing Environment.

03. Enhance the Six Sigma Methodology.

Using Expeka during a Six Sigma Projects allows your team to begin the experimentation at the Definition stage using up to 30 variables to maximize knowledge and improve confidence.


Expeka works at any stage of the DMAIC method. Please contact us to learn how Expeka can help at your current stage.

04. Intellectual Property Protection.


Your Intellectual Property is fully protected when using our services. Expeka is designed so that no sensitive data has to be shared with us. 


The only information required about the outcome of a test is binary: Whether the test was Inside the spec for each Response Factors. The actual numerical value of each output variables doesn't need to be shared with Expeka.

Input and output variables can be labeled as letters and numbers to maximize protection.

To learn more about how Expeka is committed to the protection of Intellectual Property. Please contact us.