Expeka for Industry 4.0

The Expeka Method can help establish or improve your Digitalization efforts. It's versatility, flexibility and high capacity makes it a must-have tool for any industrial company embracing the 4th industrial revolution.

The Role of Expeka in your Digitalization Strategy.

The Expeka Method can be used in a Digitalization Strategy by giving the ability to find the optimized parameters for a system of up to 30 variables or by supplementing the data at hand to look for better process values.

About the Expeka Method

The Expeka Method is a systematic approach to experimentation facilitating the investigation and understanding of complex processes with multiples readings/sensors.


Its AI-supported algorithms are used to guide experiments by suggesting the best combinations of factors that maximize new information and help define the boundaries of the process. It can be useful when setting up a Digitalization Strategy or when trying to improve a process already digitalized.


Results from each new test are taken into account for the selection of the next test to be performed. This interactive approach helps reduce the number of tests required to achieve a sufficient understanding of the process factors and their interactions.


The resulting data set contains all the information required to create predictive models of the process and identify the relations between the variables and responses to address or eliminate problems. The Expeka Method is a powerful tool to study, control, and understand the complex processes of the Rubber Industry.

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