The Expeka Method offers great flexibility and thus can be used in a multitude of situations.

Common Applications are :

  1. To study the relationship between a set of input and output variables.

  2. To reduce responses variability.

  3. To set tolerances on the variation inducing factors for achieving desired response variability.

  4. To analyze the factors which affect the response average and variability individually.

  5. To understand the existing process and provide a quick comeback to management.

  6. To reduce the response variability and bring the response average on target.

  7. To aid with the development of new process technology.

  8. To develop a new formulation.

  9. To determine the optimal settings of a new process.

  10. To optimize the formulation of an existing recipe.

  11. To weigh up cost and loss because of variability.

  12. To Reduce Development Times.

  13. To Adapt to changes in regulations.

  14. To Capture your employee's Expertise.

  15. To bridge the Knowledge gap. (Art vs. Science)