Past Projects and Applications.

Expeka's Technology has been applied to dozens of projects in various industries.


It has proven itself successful in solving high-stakes problems for our customers in situations where traditional experimentation methods would not have been possible to apply, let alone be considered.

Below is a list of projects where the Expeka Method was used successfully.

***NEW*** Salvage of an Unfruitful Experiment.

Aeronautical Industry


Client's Objective: Salvage an unsuccessful and badly designed Taguchi L32 Matrix applied to a laser welding process.


Experimentation: Only 10 supplementary tests were required to effectively study 5 variables.


The Outcome: Our client was able to achieve superior predictive models of his process responses while performing 40% fewer tests than required by the Taguchi Method

Reduction of Non-Quality Costs.

Rubber Industry


Client's Objective: Reduce losses resulting from an inadequate formulation.


The Experimentation: Only 37 tests were required to effectively study 15 variables.


The Outcome: Our client estimated a reduction of 50% in non-quality costs.

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Reduction of Variability caused by Raw Material.

Food Industry


Client's Objective: Ensure uniformity of a product destined for mass consumption.


Experimentation: Only 18 tests were required to effectively study 8 variables.


The Outcome: Our client realized a 52.4% reduction of the in-process variation of the raw material.

Productivity and Yield Improvement.

Aluminum Industry


Client's Objective: Improving the semisolid state induction heating process of a light metal alloy.


Experimentation: Only 37 tests were required to effectively study 9 variables.


The Outcome: Our client was able to significantly reduce heat time and metal loss.

Certification by a Federal Authority.

Medical Device Industry


Client's Objective: Development and certification by federal authority of a new medical device.


Experimentation: Only 38 tests were required to effectively study 8 variables.


The Outcome: Device approved 9 months earlier than estimated.

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