Shine Lights On Your Process.

Expeka offers the world's first Process Optimization Methodology that focuses on your manufacturing process. Using a novel Experimentation Approach while harnessing your Expert Knowledge and Historical Data, we help quantify your process behavior, surfacing the optimal operating parameters.


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Make Less  Compromises

When it comes to Experimentation, companies are often limited by the number of variables that can be included or what tests can be performed. With Expeka, Experimentation can include up to 30 variables without Exponentially increasing the number of tests required, allowing you to study your process more accurately, leading to a better understanding and ultimately a better process control.

Be Ready for Industry 4.0

The Innovative approach to Experimentation offered by the Expeka Method help harness the true power of Digitalization by enabling Manufacturing Companies to go beyond the data obtained by their Digitalization Effort and unlock it's true potential. Learn More



Find Robust Solutions

The Expeka Method uses real data of your process, leading to the discovery of solutions that are tailored to your problem. It's lack of reliance on statistically rigid models also increases the confidence in the developed predictive models of the process.

Encourage Innovation

With the Expeka Method, experimentation is not limited to a particular design or set of points, it covers the entire range of the variables, increasing the chance of new discoveries and optimal settings.



Save Time and Money

The Expeka Method of Experimentation is Developed to make every test count and to keep expanding on this knowledge by harnessing previously acquired knowledge. This leads to a reduced number of tests to be performed and a fast project completion time.

How Can Expeka Help You?

Whether you are trying to address a specific issue, reduce variability or seek to improve your manufacturing process, Expeka will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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