Experimentation Made Simple.

Providing the Manufacturing industry with a tool to control and improve processes.


Expeka is a Guided Experimentation Service.

We help you and your team navigate through the increasingly complex world of experimentation in a Manufacturing Environment.

How Expeka Can Help?

Whether you are trying to address a specific issue, reduce variability or seek to improve your manufacturing process, Expeka will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Reduce The Cost of Experimentation.

A combination between our proprietary algorithms and the inclusion of your historical data help reduce costs by reducing the numbers of tests required, even with a higher number of variables.

Improve Knowledge of the Process.

Experimentation can include up to 30 variables without Exponentially increasing the number of tests required, allowing you to study your process more accurately, leading to a better understanding and ultimately a better control.

Flexibility and Versatility.

Expeka is focused on gathering the best information in any type of project and adapt to any situations.

Encourage Innovation.

Experimentation covers the entire range of the variables, increasing the chance of new discoveries and optimal settings.

Reap the Full Benefits of Experimentation.

Expeka can help you address and solve your problems without being encumbered by the well-known limitations associated with Experimentation in a manufacturing Environment.

Ready to Experiment Outside the Box?

Schedule an Introductory Call to see how Expeka can help you improve your Manufacturing Process through Guided Experimentation.


1. Reduction of Variability.

2. Process Optimization.

3. Process Development.


4. Increase Productivity.

5. New Formulation.


1. Intellectual Property Protection.

2. Compatible with Six Sigma (DMAIC).

3. No training required.


4. Protect Against Confirmation Bias.

5. Study up to 30 variables.


Expeka helps you understand and improve your Manufacturing process through guided experimentation.




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